Our approach

IT for Business

Altea IT creates and delivers your firm’s digital strategy.

We can quickly focus on the issues and develop agile systems that fit your needs now and into the future.

We blend technologies that can deliver the best performing, cost effective and most secure systems possible.

A digital strategy encompasses all parts of the business from computer systems to security, domain and web presence.  Our unceasing desire to have the best systems possible gives you access to the best technologies available so you can get on with your business.

“Do-ability” is a thing. There really isn’t anything we can’t do these days. And it doesn’t need to be expensive.

About Us

Altea has been delivering and support world-class technologies and services to Western Australian businesses since 2007. We trace our roots back over 30 years and we work extensively with Accountants across the various vendors and have a depth of experience second-to-none in MYOB systems support.

Experience is everything, and our team of engineers have plenty of it. Combine experience and knowledge and you have a very powerful  force.  

We pride ourselves on being independent, accessible and responsive and dealing with your day-to-day needs in the quickest possible fashion. Our job management system keeps a track of all the work done for clients so you get a consistent approach to work performed.

When combined with a system management technologies we proactively manage your systems so you can continue to work in the knowledge that things are being taken care of.

Three Reasons to Switch


Outsourced. Insourced.
What does it really mean now?
In the “good old days” …


In depth, real world
Experience is everything. …


Technology aligned to
your business
Streamline business processes …